Custom hearing


The art and science of custom hearing aids

Starkey knows that no two ears are alike — which is why we've been the leader in custom hearing aids for over 50 years.

Our Picasso custom hearing aids fit your unique ear anatomy precisely, delivering comfort and clarity that can't be beat.


Personalization perfected

Our comfortable custom hearing aids deliver the most personalized hearing experience ever, and are designed to:

  • Deliver superior sound quality and listening clarity.
  • Sit completely in your ear, so they won’t get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks.
  • Provide effortless transitions as you go about your day.
  • Stream TV, phone calls, music and more.
  • Give you a discreet fit.

Picasso delivers solutions you want

An invisible and custom fit.

Personally customized for all-day comfort

Easily adapt to new sounds

Gradual adjustments to help your brain get used to new sounds.

Better wireless streaming

Consistent wireless performance streaming TV, music and other media.

A comfortable, personalized listening experience

Distortion-free listening comfort for loud sounds and ultimate clarity for soft sounds.

No buzzing or whistling

Feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long.

Music the way it was meant to be heard

Hear every note the way the artist intended – with pure, refined sound quality.

Customizable tinnitus relief

Advanced technology brings relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Try Picasso

Available in a variety of styles.

Where to buy

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, hearing aids are available for those with single-sided hearing loss. The Starkey CROS System delivers solutions for:

  • Those who are unable to hear in one ear and have normal hearing in the other ear (CROS).
  • Those with little to no hearing in one of their ears, and a hearing loss in their better ear (BiCROS).

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Amplification with hearing aids can bring relief to people experiencing tinnitus, as they may boost ambient sounds that can help take the focus off of tinnitus.

There are several factors that will determine which hearing aid will be the right one for you. They include the nature and severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle and the activities you regularly enjoy, your job, your eyesight and dexterity, and the size and shape of your outer ear and inner ear canal. You can start with our Hearing Aid Finder Tool, though ultimately your hearing professional should advise you as to the best choice for you.

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  • Warranty

    Starkey offers Worry-Free warranty coverage as an option for all hearing aids purchased within the last 5 years.

  • Costs & Financing

    An assortment of flexible financing options are available to help you pay for your hearing aids.

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