Hearing aid warranty, returns and repair

A guide to help you with hearing aid warranty questions and where to donate when you're ready for an upgrade.

Returns and exchanges

Please inquire with your hearing care professional where you purchased your hearing aids from for precise details. All returns or exchanges should be handled through them.


If your hearing aids aren’t performing at their peak, some simple troubleshooting might solve the issue. If a repair is in order, contact the hearing care professional you purchased them from to initiate and arrange.

Recycle or donate

What to do with your old hearing aids?
If you’re upgrading to new technology, your hearing aid provider may accept a trade-in. Or, you can keep your old hearing aids as backups. You can also recycle them through Starkey.

To recycle old hearing aids, put them in an appropriate shipping container (box or padded envelope are recommended), and mail them to:

Recycled Hearing Aids
c/o Starkey
6425 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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