Can hearing loss be repaired and restored to normal?

This question is not as simple as it seems. However, it can be answered with both a good news and bad news answer. Bad news first, of course! Once hearing is lost, it’s not possible to restore it to the original condition. Now, for the good news: Although hearing restoration isn't an option, it is possible to treat and significantly improve hearing loss by using hearing aids!

There’s a number of varying types of hearing loss. The most common type (by far) is hearing loss that occurs naturally due to aging. Age-related hearing loss is so widespread, in fact, that it has its own medical name - which is Presbycusis

The time in our lives that we have optimal hearing is quite short

Can you believe that human hearing is at its best between ages 18-25? When the time comes that we've reached our “golden years”, our hearing system has endured the same amount of wear and tear that the rest of our bodies have taken. So, needless to say, it doesn’t work nearly as well as it did during our younger years.

Typically, aging affects our high-pitched hearing first. Children’s and women’s voices, and certain consonants (like T, S and F) become difficult to distinguish. Someone with hearing loss will often say that other people are “mumbling” or that speech they’re hearing is no longer “clear”.

Hearing loss can be improved by hearing aids

Addressing this type of hearing loss (or most types of hearing loss) with today’s hearing aids is no longer as challenging as it once was. Digital technology allows trained hearing professionals to program specific and accurate amounts of amplification per pitch to correct the hearing loss.

Current day digital technology also allows the processing of sound in a way that not only offsets hearing loss by amplifying specific sounds like speech, but also background noise can actually be reduced simultaneously!

So, while your original hearing can’t be restored to the way it once was, hearing loss can be treated and markedly improved with amplification. The results: the impact hearing loss has on your life can be greatly reduced.

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By Starkey Canada