When is our hearing at its best?

It’s highly likely that, as your age moves into the 50s, you will have to face at least some age-related hearing loss. The numbers simply favor that fact.

Although you may never notice it until then, your hearing begins to diminish after the age of 25, according to studies. Our hearing is actually at its peak between the ages of 18-25 [1].

Many things are best during that age range but then again, a lot of things are better when you’re older, too. For most people as they age, so does an ever-shifting list of pros and cons. We’ll let you think about it and fill in that list at your convenience. No hurry!

If and when your hearing does begin to change, Starkey is here to help. Click here or give us a call (888) 919-6824. We’ll take care of your hearing.

  1. https://www.wsj.com/articles/dont-wait-until-youre-older-to-fight-getting-old-1472488840  

By Starkey Canada