Early warning signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss is often considered an invisible health condition, therefore early hearing loss signs often go overlooked. Unlike many medical problems, you can’t actually see signs of hearing loss. Since the changes usually occur gradually, it is very common for those with hearing loss to find ways to deal with and live with reduced hearing acuity.

Family, friends and co-workers are normally the first to notice. In a CNN.com article Virginia Ramachandran, an audiologist, explained “People don’t always perceive that they need hearing aids, because hearing loss comes on gradually. Usually they are the last person to know.“

Recognizing Hearing Loss

These questions and statements can help identify common warning signs of hearing loss:

  • Having difficulty following conversations
  • Asking others to repeat themselves
  • Complaining that people mumble or speak too fast
  • Having difficulty hearing and understanding women and children
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Having one “good” ear
  • Trouble hearing on the telephone
  • Turning up your television to a volume that others find too loud
  • Avoiding noisy places
  • Misunderstanding what others say to you
  • Feeling tired after listening in challenging environments

Understanding Hearing Loss

Those with hearing loss often have a hard time following conversations or understanding the speaking voices of women and children. They may complain that others mumble or talk too fast. They may even try to avoid difficult listening situations, like conversations over the phone and noisy, public environments. Sometimes, people may experience hearing loss only in one ear. These people often ask others to stand closer to the good ear or speak directly into that ear.

Hearing loss is also usually a precursor to tinnitus. A buildup of earwax, medicine, exposure to loud noises and hearing loss can all cause ringing in the ears. Ringing in the ears can be constant or occasional, but is often the first sign of hearing loss. 

Treatment Options

If you have experienced any of the above, you should schedule a complete hearing check up with a hearing professional in your area. Most commonly, hearing loss will be addressed with hearing aids, but occasionally medication and/or surgery is needed. A hearing consultation with a professional is the best place to start if you think you have hearing loss.

Don’t wait to move forward with your hearing evaluation. Early detection is proven to raise the success level of treatment. Book your appointment with a local hearing professional today by calling 1-855-970-2990 or clicking here.

By Starkey Canada