How to use the “Find my hearing aid” function

I’m sure you’re well aware of that instant fear and worry you get when you misplace your keys or can’t find your wallet. You’re also aware that the feeling becomes even worse when it’s your hearing aids that happen to be what’s missing. Hearing aids are an investment, and it is terrifying to lose something that's such a vital part of your everyday life.

With Starkey’s outstanding new and state-of-the-art hearing aids, the “Find My Hearing Aids” function within the TruLink mobile app can make things a little easier. This function can help you find recently misplaced devices by using a map to show you where they were last detected or a search signal to help you recover lost devices when you believe they are nearby.

How to navigate the “Find My Hearing Aids” tool to find your hearing aids

When you think you’ve lost your hearing aids nearby, use the signal feature of the “Find My Hearing Aids” tool. Below is an easy how-to-use video guide for using the search signal tool to discover lost hearing aid devices. Written steps are also provided for those who prefer written instructions.

TruLink Hearing App Tutorial: How to use Find My Hearing Aids

  • Open the TruLink app and tap the information icon in the top right hand corner and to the left of the question mark icon.
  • Select “Find My Hearing Aids” under the Features section and walk slowly in the area you misplaced your hearing devices.
  • Watch the signal displays on your phone as you walk slowly around the area. The signal will increase as you get closer.
  • “Find My Hearing Aids” tool usage if you can’t remember where they were lost

    The map option in the “Find My Hearing Aids” tool can show you where the app last detected the hearing aids. This is a great option for when you aren’t sure where the devices were lost, and this especially is helpful when you lose them while traveling.


    By Starkey Canada