You should wear your hearing aids - and here’s 13 reasons why

If you have hearing loss, you’re definitely not the first person who may not want to wear hearing aids - and you most certainly will not be the last! Today’s modern and advanced hearing aids have much more to offer than hearing aids of the past. Style, size and ease of use are just the tip of the iceberg! Now, we’re going to give you 13 reasons why you need to start wearing your hearing aids...NOW!

  1. No more blasting your TV at such a high volume: You can actually use Starkey’s wireless hearing aids to stream sound directly from your television using our TV streamer accessory. You’re in control of the volume! You can be the ONLY person hearing the TV if you choose.
  2. You will become a positive role model for your family and friends: You were responsible for your hearing loss, were proactive and did something about it - everyone admires a take-charge person!
  3. Wearing your hearing aids will boost your confidence: Being able to hear clearly will give you extra self assurance where you need it most: public and social gatherings, on the job and in restaurants.
  4. It could increase your earning power: Studies have shown that those who treat their hearing loss actually earn higher incomes than their peers who do not.
  5. You will be able to enjoy music again: The latest hearing aid technology is specifically designed to increase and enhance your enjoyment of music.
  6. Your grandchildren (or children) will stop quizzically looking at you: Well, we can’t guarantee that. But they will be able to stop wondering why your favorite word is “WHAT?”, and why you don’t answer their questions, or answer so strangely.
  7. You won’t get tired as easily: The more you strain and harder you try to hear, the more energy is used by your brain, which makes you mentally exhausted much faster. That is significantly helped by hearing aids.
  8. Going into noisy places like restaurants will be enjoyable once again: Loud atmospheres are one of the top challenges for those who suffer with hearing loss. Today’s top hearing aids, thanks to technology that detects and isolates speech and reduces background noise, improves on this setting quite well.
  9. Your brain will be very thankful: A brain is very much like a muscle, and processing sounds is among it’s favorite exercises. Brain atrophy is accelerated by sound deprivation.
  10. You’ll lower the chances of embarrassing moments: Hearing other’s words incorrectly or answering questions the wrong way (or not answering at all) could lead to an awkward and unnecessary situation.
  11. It can improve your safety and all those around you: The chance you’ll miss warning sounds will decrease, as will important instructions, or calls for help. Plus, there is hearing aid technology available today that can detect when you've fallen, keeping you safe and giving you an increased sense of independence.
  12. Your significant other will be pleased that they will no longer have to be your interpreter.
  13. The best reason? You can hear again! The most common treatment for hearing loss is wearing hearing aids.

Take it from us, you are missing so much if you’re one of the millions of adults who have not yet tried to get help for your hearing loss. If your leg was broken you would see a doctor wouldn’t you? You’d wear a big clunky cast or brace with no questions. Wearing hearing aids should be no different. Hearing aids are SO tiny these days - but they can make a gigantic difference when you wear them.

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By Starkey Canada