Hearing aids may improve balance and reduce fall risks

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis conducted a study that revealed by enhancing the hearing of older adults with hearing loss, their balance was also significantly improved. On balance beams, the test subjects showed better balance when their hearing aids were turned on as opposed to turned off.  

Professor of Otolaryngology, Timothy Hullar, MD, authored this study. He associated the results to more than just increased alertness. He noted that just as we use our sight to determine the space around us (and tend to sway more if our eyes are closed or in the dark). Therefore, similarly, we use the sounds around us as “auditory reference points or landmarks to help maintain balance.” A person’s balance can suffer when that sound is compromised.

Soon after, a study conducted at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, linked the loss of hearing to a 3 fold risk of falling. The study revealed that treating hearing loss with hearing aids can actually lessen the risk of falls among older individuals.

This correlation between hearing loss and falling is why Starkey designed Livio Edge AI hearing aids - the world’s first and only hearing aid with a fall detection feature. Using built in 3D sensors, this technology can detect when a wearer falls, and send alert messages to selected contacts. This feature was designed to help alleviate worries about falls and give wearers a greater sense of independence.

You can help prevent one of the leading causes of injuries in older people by focusing on and treating your hearing loss immediately. Call (888) 919-6824 or Click here to find a local hearing professional who can help you today!

By Starkey Canada