The binaural benefits of two hearing aids

Nearly all physical qualities of the human body are in proportion to one another. Even our brain and nervous system seem hardwired to appreciate symmetry. The Ancient Greeks were first to identify symmetry as an important aspect of determining physical beauty. Symmetrical facial features have been shown to be more cosmetically appealing than those that are asymmetrical [1]. 

Symmetry in hearing

The natural proclivity toward symmetry includes hearing. Try this - cover one eye with your hand. Do you notice how clarity, depth perception and spatial awareness are affected in your vision? It’s no different for your ears! 

Scientific studies have proven that two ears functioning optimally together are far more productive than one working harder than the other. Which is why it is commonly recommended that hearing aid wearers use two hearing aids rather than one [2]. Two ears allow us to hear in “stereo.” When we listen with two ears, we actually hear better! More importantly, they work together to tell us where a sound is coming from, and help us focus on the voice we want to hear. Our two ears tell us, sound-wise, where we are in space. This spatial awareness is sometimes referred to as “presence.”

Why are 2 hearing aids better than one?

Starkey hearing aids are designed to work together. Ear-to-ear communication, the manner in which our advanced hearing aids communicate with each other, provides the optimum listening experience for those wearing the hearing aids. With both hearing aids communicating with each other it replicates the normal way our ears are made to hear. Hearing precisely and equally with both ears provides the listener with a rich, balanced, and full sound experience.

Researchers in the field of hearing have been investigating and studying the benefits of wearing two hearing aids for many years. Research indicates that wearing two hearing aids has the ability to improve speech understanding, localization and quality of sound. The use of two hearing aids can also expand the range or area in which you are able to hear [3].

Another advantage of wearing two hearing aids is the improvement in suppression of tinnitus. Even if tinnitus is only present in one ear, binaural hearing aid maskers can provide more balance to the auditory system [4].

Binaural Benefits:

  • Reduced listening effort
  • Increased listening range
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Improved sound quality
  • Better sound localization in difficult listening environments
  • Reduced annoyance from tinnitus
  • Improved signal to noise ratio

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By Starkey Canada