Celebrating all caregivers - help a loved one achieve their best hearing

Family Caregivers Month is celebrated during the month of November. This allows us to take the time to recognize and appreciate all those who modestly and sympathetically care for parents, siblings, neighbours and community members.

Grandparents, older parents and friends often rely on the help caregivers provide, whether it’s assistance with meals, medicine, transportation or simply providing companionship.

A caregiver’s role is quite challenging during the best of times, as they balance their own full schedules and hectic lives. Through the last year with COVID-19, older individuals were especially vulnerable and isolated. We understand now more than ever how challenging it can be for caregivers to stay connected to those they care for.

Better hearing benefits caregivers and their loved ones

For a caregiver to ensure their loved one is hearing their best can be less stressful on everyone involved. Hearing better obviously will do wonders for the loved one as well. It makes communication more simple and assists in making any instructions more clear too. Hearing better can also work wonders in helping people feel less socially isolated and lonely, as well as more independent.

Starkey’s latest hearing aids are a fantastic route to better hearing, while also delivering numerous additional benefits of which the wearer can take advantage.

Thrive Hearing Control App and Thrive Care App

The first and the only hearing app for caregivers

A useful tool that caregivers can take advantage of is the Thrive Care app. Thrive Care is the world’s first app made and constructed specifically to help hearing aid wearers maintain their independence while giving caregivers peace of mind and access to vital information.

Thrive Care is an app that is easy-to-use and non-intrusive. It allows you to check in anytime and anywhere to see how your loved one is doing. Thrive Care can provide information regarding a loved one’s social interaction and activities — things that may impact their brain health — as well as physical movement like walking or exercising. Also, and more importantly, It can even detect when the hearing aid wearer has fallen and will send you an alert message.

A key feature of Thrive Care is that the wearer gets to decide who sees their information and what information they get to see. You can learn more about Thrive Care here.

A BIG THANK YOU to all caregivers!

To all you caregivers out there - thank you for all you do! We believe there's something that will make providing care a little easier, and we believe you've earned that as well.

By Starkey Canada