Hearing aids not working? Try these tips

Are your hearing aids not working correctly? There are things you can try at home before contacting your hearing healthcare professional for an appointment. Check out these tips from our Technical Support team!

Check your batteries

The first thing you can do is check your battery. Occasionally batteries may be faulty, so if one of your hearing aids is working and the other is not, try out a new battery in that hearing aid.

If you have a rechargeable hearing aid, you should check that your device is fully charged. It is recommended you charge your hearing aids every night before going to bed and unplug your charger when it is not in use.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries should last you all day before dying. If your charger indicated a fully charged hearing aid in the morning when you inserted your hearing aids and it did not make it through your day on more than one occasion, you should consult your professional. This hearing aid should last a full day with streaming and should be evaluated if it does not.

Check your hearing aid for debris

The second thing you can do is check the microphones and receiver tube. This is the part of the hearing aid that enters your ear canal. Check this for blockage - if you see any debris, remove it with your hearing aid brush (that you received with your hearing aid). Sound can’t travel through the tube and microphone if it is blocked by debris.

Check your connection

You can also try resetting your hearing aids and any connected devices. For example, our smartphone compatible hearing aids require a Bluetooth connection, and may experience connectivity issues. Open the battery doors on your hearing aid to access the on/off switch and turn them off. After this, restart your smart device, close the battery doors so you can turn the hearing aids back on. Now see if the hearing aids will re-pair with your smart device.

For rechargeable hearing aids, try putting the hearing aids back on the charging unit, wait 5 seconds and then take them out of the charger. Doing this will refresh the hearing aids.

If you’re noticing an issue with your hearing aids not connecting to your phone or the Thrive Hearing Control app, you could also try:

  • Checking your IOS / Android device is using the latest version of software
  • Checking your Thrive Hearing Control app is the latest version
  • Re-pairing the devices to the phone and then re-opening the Thrive app. You should also ensure that other Bluetooth devices are off when pairing to your phone or the Thrive app.

If you’ve gone through the above steps and are still unable to connect to your phone, it could be a compatibility issue. To see a full list of Apple and Android devices that are compatible with our latest Thrive app, click here.

If you continue to experience what appears to be a technical issue, visit our Maintenance and Troubleshooting page or contact the Technical Support team in Canada at (905) 542-7555, and ask for Tech Support.

If you continue to experience hearing aid performance issues (i.e. poor sound quality or no sound at all), we recommend you first contact your hearing professional that you purchased the device from. If you’re living in a new area or would like to see a different professional, we can help you find one near you - call (888) 919-6824 or click here.

By Starkey Canada