"Find My Hearing Aids" - a crucial tool in our new 'masked' world

Since COVID-19 has changed our world, it’s hard to imagine a time before social distancing, quarantine, constant hand washing, and by far the most widely discussed and obvious new requirement of wearing a mask. We’ve all had to do it by now, and needless to say, none of us actually enjoy the burden of putting it on, taking it off, repeat, repeat, etc.


If you wear glasses, early in the days of this pandemic you realized that wearing most masks will cause your glasses to fog up - but of course now we all have that special mask or certain little trick we use to escape the blinding fog. But what about hearing aids? How do masks affect users who wear hearing aids in one or both ears? Since the majority of masks are made to hook onto the ears, many hearing aid wearers are experiencing the aggravating and inconvenient result of unintentionally pulling their hearing aids out when removing their mask. Even more unfortunately, many don’t realize their hearing aid comes out and a bit of time passes before they realize it’s gone.


A hearing aid is not only a significant investment, but it’s relied upon greatly for users to carry on a normal life at work, play, school and beyond.


It’s definitely not a good feeling when you realize you’ve lost your wallet, your keys or your phone. However, losing a hearing aid is another level of fear - being without something that’s so important for your day-to-day life. It is for that very reason that we have created the "Find My Hearing Aids" feature that is available with our Livio Edge AILivio AI and Livio hearings and the Thrive Hearing app. This feature can help you easily locate misplaced hearing aids by providing a location and a timestamp.


To learn how it works, check out this recent video of Starkey’s Chief Innovation Officer Dave Fabry using the feature.



To try this technology for yourself, contact a hearing professional in your area. Call (888) 919-6824 or click here!


By Starkey Canada