Can treating hearing loss help prevent dementia?

As a society, many of us dismiss hearing loss as ‘not such a big deal’. Many believe that it’s not worth treating and not worth the hassle of using hearing aids. It’s still widely believed that one should just “cope” with hearing loss. Recent research has shown that we’re all wrong in our thinking about hearing loss. In fact, studies show that hearing loss can have an impact on the brain.

At the forefront of this research is Johns Hopkins University. Their School of Medicine performed a study that found the risk of dementia increased when hearing loss was present. Dementia risk doubled with the presence of mild hearing loss, tripled with moderate hearing loss, and the presence of severe hearing loss can make you five times more likely to develop dementia. 

“Treating hearing loss could potentially help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.”  

- Franklin Lin, M.D., Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Above is the very important and revealing quote by Dr. Frank Lin, an otologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Dr. Lin’s team has performed many studies about the consequences of untreated hearing loss and how it’s directly related to mental and physical health. The team has confirmed the link that hearing loss has with brain tissue loss and the increased risks of dementia.

However, Dr. Lin’s in-depth studies have also revealed that treating hearing loss can “help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia”. He further insists that hearing aids are the most common and successful treatment method available today.

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By Starkey Canada