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Nothing is smaller.
Nothing sounds better.

Signature Series will forever change your perception of hearing aids.

Everyone wants to hear their friends, family and the world. But not everyone is comfortable advertising their hearing loss.

Starkey Signature Series lets you have it both ways—delivering clear, true-to-life sound in advanced technology custom fit to hide discreetly in your ear.

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Only you need to know why you're hearing so much better.

  • Virtually
  • Transparent
  • Custom fit
    to you
  • Exceptional

Available in 3 styles

  • Completely-In-Canal Rechargeable

    The world's smallest custom rechargeable hearing aid
    is also waterproof* and has up to 38 hours of battery life.

    *Up to 1 meter.

  • Completely-In-Canal

    For those who want the ability to adjust sound settings on demand, this hearing aid has your name written all over it.

  • Invisible-In-Canal

    They don’t make hearing aids smaller than this—or easier to use. You get exceptional sound with minimum fuss.

"On one hand, I love that no one knows I’m wearing them. On the other, they’re so amazing that I want to show them to everyone I meet."
— Chuck G.

There's an art to custom

It takes care and expertise to build a hearing aid to each individual’s exact specifications—and no one does it better or has done it longer than Starkey. Trust your hearing to the professionals.

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