Hearing aids

Are cheap hearing
aids any good?

Should I buy an inexpensive hearing aid?

Simply put, no — cheap hearing aids are not nearly as good as hearing aids you buy from an experienced hearing healthcare professional who is also adept at fitting and servicing these devices. Typically, inexpensive hearing aids cannot separate voices from background noise or modulate volume very well, and instead amplify all noises the same, which can get uncomfortable quickly.

However, personal sound amplification products (also know as PSAPs) are sometimes a good way to ease into the idea of wearing hearing aids and are significantly less expensive.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if a hearing amplifier might be right for you.

  • Are you a first-time hearing aid wearer?
  • Is cost a factor in considering the purchase of your hearing aid?
  • Is it a priority for you to wear a hearing aid that fits invisibly inside your ear?
  • Do you need a hearing aid that can easily be worn while talking on the phone?
  • Are you ok knowing your device will not be fit to your unique hearing needs or be serviced?

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