FAQ Friday: How long should your hearing aids last?

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On this #FAQFriday, we’re answering a commonly asked question about the lifespan of hearing aids.

Q: How long should my hearing aids last?

A: Normally, hearing aids will last three to five years depending on how they’re used, but several factors can affect a hearing aid's lifetime. Do you wear them all day every day? Do you live in a humid or dusty environment? Do you take good care of them? Hearing aids could last longer than five years, but most wearers like or feel the need to replace outdate hearing aidsin favour of new and improved technology to help raise the listening quality and overall performance.

More often than not, repairing an old hearing aid that is out of warranty is more cost prohibitive than replacing it with a new one. Thoroughly cleaning your hearing aid every single day and scheduling routine appointments with your hearing healthcare professional should provide you with optimal performance over the lifespan of your hearing aids. 

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By Starkey Canada