Social distancing with hearing loss - how hearing aids ease the burden

When a Starkey customer decides to move forward with hearing healthcare through one of our partner clinics, it excites us tremendously! With the necessary amplification, the veil of time spent isolated seems magically lifted. Many patients have reported restoring their connection with loved ones, friends and family.

We live in a unique time

Over the past few years, global instructions for people to remain socially distant put limitations on hearing aid wearers. Furthermore, those who suffer from untreated hearing loss have experienced even more of a problem from these social instructions. According to studies, a close link between hearing loss, social isolation, and reduced quality-of-life within normal social situations. During COVID times, where social distancing became the norm, anyone who suffers from hearing loss is prone to feel more isolated than ever.

Stay connected and engaged with new hearing aids

During these strange times, there are unique opportunities for those with hearing loss, as well as the communities around them. The first is that the technology offered today in hearing instruments by Starkey and other similar companies make remote programming and fitting possible. A large portion of today’s hearing devices are smartphone compatible, so hearing care professionals can reach out to remotely fit, fine tune, and adjust hearing devices with better precision than ever before.

If you have a hearing loss and you find this time particularly difficult to cope with because of your hearing impairment, reach out to your local hearing healthcare provider for help! They can recommend hearing aids to help you hear your best. Our latest hearing aids Evolv AI are equipped with technology that make it easier to hear people - even if they are wearing masks or are six feet away.

And second, if you’re familiar with people in your local community struggling with hearing loss, know that they may have been having a difficult time. Reach out to them proactively, check on them to see how they are doing, see if they need any assistance, or quite simply just take the time to chat.

By Starkey Canada