Does hearing hurt you? Let's discuss hyperacusis

Hyperacusis is a diminished tolerance to common environmental sounds. A person who suffers from hyperacusis will hear sounds much louder and more painful than someone without the disorder. An individual who has normal hearing can tolerate noise painlessly up to approximately 120dB [1]. However, for hyperacusis patients, it can be excruciating to hear humming appliances, ordinary voices and other daily noises [2].

People with hyperacusis lose most of their dynamic range hearing ability, which is the ear’s capacity to deal with quick shifts in sound loudness. It can go nearly unnoticeable to some with the condition, but for others it can alter their life [3].

In the majority of cases, people who suffer from hyperacusis suffer from tinnitus as well. Sound therapy can be very helpful for individuals diagnosed with either of these conditions [2].

Since there is no medical or surgical treatment to cure hyperacusis, listening to soothing, low-level sounds like those on the Starkey Relax app for tinnitus is the most effective therapy to ease symptoms. This will help the brain readjust to normal environmental sounds throughout day-to-day tasks. There may be additional sound therapies recommended by a medical or hearing professional to further ease symptoms of hyperacusis.

If hearing is actively painful for you or you surmise you may suffer from hyperacusis, make an appointment with a local hearing care professional or otolaryngologist soon!



By Starkey Canada