Abigayle Kyte shares what she loves about her Starkey hearing aids

We recently tasked Abigayle Kyte with being our “mythbuster”, giving us the truth about common hearing loss myths from her perspective. Click here to read her full blog article!

Having worn hearing aids her whole life, Abigayle is no stranger to different types of hearing aid technology. But what does she think of her Starkey hearing aids? See her thoughts below.

"I have been hard of hearing since I was born and have had a lot of different hearing aids. Working with Starkey has been a great experience! I have to say that I have been wearing my new Starkey hearing aids for a few weeks now and they are amazing. They are so comfortable; I can barely tell I’m wearing them. The technology that the hearing aids have such as Bluetooth capabilities and the Thrive Hearing app have been so nice! I get all my phone calls straight to my hearing aids which has been such a big help. Also in social settings, I am able to adjust my hearing aid settings so I can hear the best I can. There is so much I can do with the app; I am still exploring. I am excited to continue wearing Starkey hearing aids to hear better and live better."

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By Starkey Canada