Helpful tips on where to purchase your hearing aids

In the very recent past, if you were to be treated for hearing loss and purchased hearing aids, your choices were quite easy. You’d visit a licensed hearing healthcare professional.

These days, however, options have grown; along with the difficulty and confusion for customers on where to go. There are now online-only retailers, big box stores and far too many “hearing loss solution” claims.

Having pointed out these facts - still today, visiting a hearing professional remains your top best option for hearing tests, hearing loss treatment and purchasing hearing aids. We’ll explain below exactly why that’s the case.

Everyone’s hearing loss is unique - your solution should be too!

The hearing sense is quite complex and intricate. Much like our sense of taste (which is why some people love oysters or mayonnaise and others don’t!). Hearing is distinctive with each and every person. Therefore, the solution to an individual’s hearing loss should also be a bit subtle and refined as well.

The most reliable route to take for an effective solution tailored specifically to your needs is simple: Hearing aids that are fitted, programmed and supported by trained and compassionate professionals - and that’s where we can help!

Modern hearing aids are powerful and advanced

Like glasses are the solution to vision problems, hearing aids have been the solution to hearing loss. Hearing healthcare professionals have recommended hearing aids now for many decades.

This fact has never been more prominent than it is today, especially with today’s hearing aids.

Modern day hearing aids are more smart, powerful and advanced than all of their predecessors. Top of the line hearing aids have the ability to perform sophisticated functions to not only help us hear better, but also stay connected. Furthermore, today’s hearing aids are unique and designed specifically to rest comfortably inside our moist, warm ears for extended hours every single day (which is what’s so technically advanced about them).

However, like any other piece of advanced technology, better results are derived from these intricate tools when handled by experts that are capable and seasoned at what they’re doing. This is the “hearing professional”.

A Hearing Professional is the difference between “okay” and “amazing!”

Like we mentioned earlier in this article, each person’s needs are unique. In order to fit and program a hearing aid to your specific hearing and lifestyle needs, it takes an experienced hearing professional with proper skills and training.

A hearing professional can specifically test and measure your hearing loss. Do you have hearing loss in both ears? Do you have the same level of hearing loss in both ears? Through testing and an audiogram, these are just a few of the questions that can be answered.

There are then the intangibles, such as the reason you’d like to hear better, what things you’d specifically like to hear better, what type of listening environments you frequent, whether or not you stay busy and active, if you are tech savvy, skillful with your smartphone, have dexterity issues, personal style preferences or individual feature desires, etc. This list could go on and on.

Only after all these questions are answered — and your needs and wants are thoroughly discussed — will the hearing professional tailor a solution just for you (the right style, features and technology level). And only after your hearing preferences are tailored, will you be completely positive it will work in all the ways you need, and provide the joy you expect and deserve.

Get your money’s worth from your hearing aids - they’re an investment

Regardless of where you end up purchasing your hearing aids, they’re not going to be cheap. Hearing aids are an investment in clearer communication for you, personal connectedness, an improvement in your health and happiness, and quite simply a better quality of life — so it’s highly important for you to get your money’s worth.

When you buy hearing aids from a hearing professional, that’s exactly what you’ll end up with - your money’s worth. Will you spend more here? It’s very likely. However, you’ll also get the expert consultation, a personalized fit made specifically for you, as well as the service, assistance and ongoing care you deserve and require. Especially for something as vital as a human sensory function will need.  

Find your local professional to get your hearing aids

As a leader in the hearing healthcare industry for more than 50 years, we’ve experienced quite a bit. However, one component has remained consistent all along the many technological advances, scientific innovations and changes in regulations of the past half century — a hearing aid’s fit and the support of expert and compassionate hearing professionals produce the pristine and most satisfying results.

If you’re ready to experience how hearing aids can change your life, we can help you find a hearing professional you can trust. Simply click here and we’ll connect you with a professional nearby who can consult with you on options, and then tailor a solution to your needs.


By Starkey Canada