Are hearing tests painful?

This just might be the shortest blog you’ve ever seen. Because the answer to the title question is short and simple: No. Hearing tests are not painful.

 However...  Since you’ve taken the trouble to click on this article, it’s fair to assume that you’re thinking about having a hearing test. Therefore, we want to explain why it doesn’t hurt and what you will most likely experience.

What to expect during your hearing test

You may notice that hearing tests may be referred to as “hearing evaluations” - because the actual test is only a single part of a comprehensive process.)

The first thing you will do is give your information to the hearing professional to begin your case history. You will be asked questions about your hearing and your health. The information you provide is very important so they can properly evaluate your hearing loss. This part of the test, of course, won’t be painful at all.

When your hearing professional finishes your case history, they will look into your ears using an otoscope. This allows them to view the condition of your ear canals and eardrum. Also, they will determine whether or not there is any debris present that may affect your hearing test results. If foreign debris or excessive ear wax is present, they will either remove it or refer you to another medical professional who will take care of the debris.

Excess wax removal may be a bit uncomfortable, but it really should not be painful.

Each step of a hearing test is painless

Next, it’s time to move on to the hearing test. You will have a seat in a quiet room or sound-treated test booth. Then, the hearing professional will place earphones on your ears or ear inserts into your ears. The next part will consist of a series of different tones of varying frequencies (also known as pitches) that are played separately in each ear. You will be told to respond to the signals by pushing a button or simply raising your hand. This is referred to as a Pure Tone Test.

Following the Pure Tone Test you will undergo speech testing. Here you will be told to repeat the words that are played into your earphones. Neither of these tests are painful.

Following the hearing test, the hearing professional may or may not conduct more testing, like possibly tympanometry. During tympanometry testing, an insert will be placed inside your ear. The insert will release a puff of air, and the movement of your eardrum is measured. This allows the hearing professional to determine your middle ear health. This test helps to determine if fluid is behind your eardrum or any other issues are present. Just like the previous steps, this does not hurt.

Once all phases of the testing is finished, your hearing professional will explain the results of the tests with you. They will also present any next steps and give you recommendations regarding the health of your hearing. As long as nobody squeezes your hand too hard when shaking it when you arrive and leave, the entire process of the hearing test should be painless!

As a first step, you can start with our online hearing test - it's free, and only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Then, when you're ready to book your full, comprehensive hearing evaluation with a professional, click here or call (888) 919-6824. 


By Starkey Canada