Android to hearing aid streaming

Starkey is excited to be one of only a few hearing aid manufacturers to make hearing aids that pair easily with Apple devices. But that’s not all! Our latest hearing aid technologies can communicate with many other devices as well - the process just may be a little different.

With the ability to pair hearing instruments to Bluetooth (2.4Ghz) devices, now hearing aids are in the “compatible” group with other Bluetooth-capable devices. The transmission of wireless sound and information in the 2.4 GHz frequency band lets you send sound over a long distance directly to a hearing aid.

Additionally, it’s also possible to communicate with smart phones through the use of accessories that act as a bridge between the hearing aid and cell phones, computers, smart TVs, cars, etc. This is the situation hearing aid wearers want to use an Android smartphone with our Livio Edge AI hearing aids.

Your hearing healthcare professional can take care of pairing the hearing instruments with the phone for a quick, easy way to stream audio to your compatible hearing aids. To find out which Android phones connect with our hearing aids and Thrive Hearing app, check out our compatibility page.

To learn more about our latest smartphone compatible hearing aids, contact your hearing healthcare professional. Don’t know a hearing healthcare professional? Call (888) 919-6824 or click here and we’ll help you locate a specialist in your area.

By Starkey Canada