9 of the best sounds in the world

We have to face it: hearing loss is likely to happen as we age. In fact, adults over the age of 65 are 5 times more likely to develop hearing loss [1]. Stop and think of all the wonderful sounds you’d be missing if you continued to let your hearing loss remain untreated.

#1: A baby's coo

As humans, cooing is one of the first sounds we make (besides, maybe crying). But that sound of a baby’s coo, and the sheer joy it brings us to listen as babies discover their voice is truly a wondrous sound to hear.

#2: Your favourite music

No matter who you are, when you just read “your favorite music” a song or number of songs, melodies, pieces, or instruments immediately came to mind, right? No two tastes in music are exactly the same; but what is the same is the universal joy it brings to each and every one of us.

#3: The many sounds of water

The sound you hear on a quiet beach at night, the sound of a brook babbling over the rocks, or the swift sounds of a river’s rush - water can make many different sounds that are blissful and calming. But usually the coolest thing about hearing water means that you’re not at work!

#4: The sweet spot

That sound when the bat hits the ball just right, and you know it’s a homerun. Much like the sound of “swish” when the ball goes through the hoop and hits nothing but net. Volleyball players know that perfect spike sound, as do bowlers, tennis players and so much more. You can find that sweet spot somewhere in every sport we play.

#5: A child's first words

It’s usually as simple as “ma-ma” or “da-da”, however that simplicity doesn’t change the huge wave of joy it brings our hearts. This happy occurrence is almost always followed by a resounding “did you hear that?!” - even if you happen to be alone.

#6: Thunderstorms

Sure, storms can sometimes be frightening. However, usually a nice thunderstorm is just what the doctor ordered for the perfect nap or afternoon in. It’s definitely worth turning off all other sounds just to listen to it’s unmistakable serene sounds.

#7: Those two little words - "I Do"

That’s exactly what they are too - only two very small words; three letters. Short, small, but two of the most loving words you may ever hear. It represents love, dedication, commitment and so much more.

#8: Outdoors on summer nights

You know the sound. That unmistakable sound of crickets chirping, frogs conversing, wind blowing through trees, and the trees themself as they sway and creak. No sound is more recognizable, or in our opinion, more serene than these outdoor sounds on a summer night.

#9: Laughter

Last, but certainly not least, the beautiful sound of laughter. Not only the sound of laughter, but the feelings that come along with hearing and experiencing laughter is pure happiness through and through.

As time goes by, hearing loss becomes more treatable than ever before. Don’t miss out on your favourite sounds. There is no good reason you have to ever miss these sounds again. Go and get your hearing checked today by a hearing professional in your area - call (888) 919-6824 or click here.


By Starkey Canada