Good relationships require clear communication

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great time to focus on love and relationships — two things you would think have little to do with hearing or hearing loss. But you might be surprised to know they are very intertwined.

The building blocks of any good relationship is clear, concise communication, hearing and understanding. Feelings of anxiety, isolation and frustration can arise from any type of hindrance in that communication.

Both parties can be affected by any sort of breakdown in communication and listening. The results of communication interruptions could lead to certain situations:

  • Feelings of exclusion or negative judgement can affect the person with hearing loss. This can cause the individual to remove themself from social and interactive situations deliberately - causing a deeper feeling of exclusion.
  • As for loved ones, close friends and colleagues, it’s probable they simply think nobody is listening. They can become perturbed when having to repeat themselves or competing with loud tv and/or music. Furthermore, it could become worrisome that communication breakdowns are affecting work projects or other important duties. Finally, of course, they could have concern and worry for the person with untreated hearing loss.

An easy way to help ensure that communication and listening aren’t inhibited is to get your hearing tested. You can start by taking our free, online hearing test!

Don’t know if hearing loss is affecting your relationships? If you’re ready to treat it, we can help. Call (888) 919-6824 or click here to consult with a hearing healthcare professional near you.

By Starkey Canada