Healthy eating can cause healthy hearing

If it wasn’t already hard enough to eat healthy, the coronavirus pandemic and being stuck at home can test the willpower of even the healthiest eaters. Those of us who choose to eat a healthy diet have numerous legitimate reasons for following a healthy eating plan. If you’re looking for one more, we have one that’s pretty fascinating.


A study conducted over a 22 year period of 71,000 female nurses revealed that women who ate a healthy diet lowered their risk of experiencing hearing loss by 30 percent!


So, you’re thinking “what constitutes a healthy diet?”. The study’s author reveals that it wasn’t as much of a specific diet as it was simply healthy eating patterns. This refers to a nice balance of more whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. The study further revealed that a poor diet contained more refined sugars, processed meats, fruit juices and alcohol.


The last thing you need is us trying to tell you why healthy eating is beneficial. Although we do feel like it is our duty to advise you that hearing loss shouldn’t be ignored or avoided. Hearing loss should be treated as soon as possible, or at least as soon as you experience symptoms.


Fortunately, we have already addressed many of these issues on our blogs similar to this regarding hearing loss and dementia, as well as pages like this: The many benefits of hearing loss treatment.


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By Starkey Canada