Work related hearing loss is common among Canadians

Did you know, October has been designated Protect Your Hearing Month? Today, it also just so happens to be World Statistics Day! In honour of these two special occasions overlapping each other, we’re highlighting this hearing fact.


According to Statistics Canada, an estimated 11 million Canadians from the ages of 19 to 79 have previously worked in a noisy environment. That’s 43% of people who worked in an environment where the level of noise required co-workers to raise their voice in order to communicate.

Of those workers who were exposed to noisy environments, 6.1 million (56%) were not required to use hearing protection, and only wore it sometimes.

Exposure to noise above 85 dB is considered hazardous and, without protection, can lead to hearing loss and/or tinnitus


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Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented by wearing the appropriate hearing protection. If your noise levels regularly exceed 85 dB at work, or you participate in check out our latest custom and instant fit earplugs and hearing protection. It’s important to protect your hearing, not just during Protect Your Hearing Month, but all the time - your hearing is essential.

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By Starkey Canada