Should my ears hurt from wearing hearing aids?

Time is so often the only thing needed to become accustomed to something. It’s no different with hearing aids - it takes time to get used to them like many other new things. When wearing new shoes, there’s always a period of “breaking them in” before they’re completely comfortable. It’s much of the same with hearing aids when they’re new to you. After a week or so you should be used to the feeling of wearing them in your ear(s).


When you first get your new hearing aids, it’s more than just the sound that you have to get used to - the feel also takes some time. It’s a good idea to take periodic breaks every day until you’re used to having something in your ears. It shouldn’t take much more than a week or so to get accustomed to wearing your hearing aids. After this, the only noticeable difference should be that you’re hearing much better!


Although it’s rare, if your ears are actually becoming irritated from wearing your hearing aids, the cause should be identified and fixed as soon as possible.

Are you correctly inserting your hearing aids?

Before you leave the hearing healthcare professional’s office, you should practice with your hearing aids, inserting and removing them to be sure you’re using correct methods. With most hearing aids, there is a specific way to insert it into your ear, depending on the model and style you have. Your hearing healthcare professional can help identify the proper way to insert your specific hearing aids, show you the proper technique and answer any questions you may have. Improperly inserting your hearing aid can definitely cause ear discomfort. For instance, if the device is placed in the ear only partially and not completely, it may cause noticeable discomfort.

Could an ill-fitting hearing aid be the culprit?

It’s possible that your new hearing aids felt perfect when you were testing them out in the hearing clinic, but now - not so much. You may notice a specific spot where there is rubbing or pressure from your hearing aids. You need to address this with your hearing professional ASAP. A simple, slight grinding could fix the problem. In some cases, you may need to have new impressions done to be sent to the manufacturer to have your hearing aids remade. Needing a remake is rare and normally only happens with certain molds and models.

Could your discomfort be caused by allergies?

Though it is rare, certain earmold materials have been known to cause allergies in some patients. If you are aware of any allergies you have, be sure to speak with your hearing healthcare professional about the hearing aid materials.


If your new hearing aid is causing discomfort and pain, it’s very important to contact your hearing professional. Although it is common for there to be an adjustment period with your new hearing aids, it shouldn’t be painful.


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Your new hearing aids are a huge step in a positive direction towards your journey to better hearing. It’s an outstanding investment in your hearing, overall health, social life and future. Exercise patience, practice, and gain support and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be hearing better and living a better life!

By Starkey Canada