It’s okay to feel stressed during these times

There’s no doubt that most of us are feeling extremely stressed during these difficult and uncertain days of COVID-19. There is no limit to the type of stress we’re all experiencing. Whether it’s stress about our health, our loved ones health, the economy, money, pay, etc. It’s important that you understand you’re not alone and your stresses are shared by many.


Media coverage regarding all of the causes of your stress is hard to escape during these times. You may have even discussed your stress with a psychiatrist, counselor, family member or friend. Although these actions are effective, you may still feel overwhelmed.


You can control your reaction to these events, even if you feel you can’t control the environment we’re living in with COVID-19. If you can respond positively to stressful times, your health, well-being, depression state and immune system will benefit positively.


Make an effort to help your stress by improving your mental and physical health daily. Following are two useful methods:


Daily physical activity


You don’t need to run a marathon to keep or improve good physical health. Cardiovascular function can be improved by reaching 10,000 steps per day. Also, physical activity can aid in reducing anxiety, anger, frustration and overall mood - especially if compared to those who do not exercise daily and live a more sedentary lifestyle.


How about some good news! If you’re wearing Livio AI or Livio Edge AI hearing aids, your steps are already being counted, regardless if you have a smart phone with you or not. This technology can help to motivate you in reaching your daily goals.


Find and use tools and places that help you relax


During these times of COVID-19, it’s important to search for and use many different tools, techniques, and places that help you put a lid on your stress and help you navigate through each trying day. You may find solace in meditation and your place may be on a nearby beach. Others may find their stress levels lowered by time in the shade, hiking the mountains, or even enjoying listening to the rain.


To gain the full experience of your “happy place”, you can stream a YouTube video of the audio sounds of nature through your Livio Al hearing aids. Be very aware of your breathing during this time.

Bear in mind that every single person in the world is facing this global pandemic from different perspectives and circumstances. These circumstances can be especially difficult for adults or children with hearing loss. So we ask you to kindly keep in mind that we’re all in this fight together!


By Starkey Canada