Stay connected and check in on your loved ones with the Thrive Care app

With the current global situation, stress levels are high for all of us, but may be even more so for seniors who are more at risk. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected with the ones we love.

Our new Thrive Care app can help provide the remote connection you need. It’s the world’s first smartphone app that allows hearing aid wearers to maintain their independence and safety, while giving even the busiest caregivers some comfort and peace of mind.

For Livio Edge AI hearing aid wearers*, Thrive Care allows you to share health information such as physical activities, hearing aid usage, safety, social interaction and more with pre-selected contacts. It’s an easy but effective way for you to remain confident and independent, while also letting your loved ones check in on you throughout the day. It can even detect when you’ve fallen and send an alert message to your caregivers. 

Thrive Care app – setup and how it works

As the hearing aid wearer, you remain completely in control. You decide who you want to share your health and wellness information with using the Thrive Hearing Control app. This app will already be used by Livio Edge AI wearers to manage their hearing aids. Within this separate app, you can enable the sharing of your health information with those who truly care about you.

Set up is simple! Using the Thrive app, the hearing aid wearer sends an invitation to their caregivers and selects the information they want to share with each person. Once the invitation is sent, the caregiver will need to accept the invitation through the Thrive Care app. From there, they can view your information and keep an eye out for you all at their convenience.

During these challenging times, being physically with our loved ones, especially those who may be more at risk, may not be possible. With the Thrive Care app, family and friends can remain connected - anytime, anywhere.

For a step by step on sending or requesting invitations, check out our Thrive Care setup page.

*Thrive Care can only be used with our new Livio Edge AI hearing aids.


By Starkey Canada