Hearing Care Anywhere – request hearing aid adjustments from your home

With today’s ever-changing global situation, many experts, governments and health agencies are recommending that we keep our distance from each other. Thankfully, there is technology available that can help keep you connected to your hearing professional during these extraordinary circumstances.

With our telehealth program, Hearing Care Anywhere, Livio* hearing aid wearers have the option to request hearing aid adjustments from their hearing professional while self-isolating at home.

Using the Thrive Hearing Control app, minor adjustments can be made to your hearing aids from the comfort and safety of your home, without ever physically going to your provider’s office.

This technology enables remote communication between you and your hearing care professional, who can make and monitor the adjustments via software and cloud connection. 

Stay home. Stay connected.

If you’re a hearing aid wearer, you know that there are times when your hearing aids may need minor tweaks, so you can hear your best at all times. During challenging times like these, when being with your hearing professional is not possible, Hearing Care Anywhere ensures that your Livio hearing aids are working to your satisfaction.

To use the Hearing Care Anywhere remote programming features**, check out this short video: 


For other technical questions about your hearing aids, reach out to your hearing professional. Even if their office has been closed, many hearing professionals are still available to connect and provide remote support in any way that they can. You can also visit our support page to find maintenance and troubleshooting tips, more how-to-videos, and other hearing aid resources.

* Works with Livio Edge AI, Livio AI or Livio hearing aids
** The Hearing Care Anywhere feature must be activated by your hearing care professional during the fitting process

By Starkey Canada