Learning to hear again takes practice

Wearing hearing aids for the first time usually requires some adjusting. Similar to other conditions where rehabilitation is required – people with hearing problems need to learn a set of skills in a new way.

Why is that?

Very commonly, a person with hearing loss has forgotten specific sounds. Those are the sounds that individuals with normal hearing experience every day. These sounds can be pleasant ones such as a loved one’s voice but also not so pleasant ones like excessive noise.

Professional help in adjustment phase 

Did you know that most individuals seek help with hearing aids only after suffering from varying degrees of hearing loss for several years? Believe it or not - people can often go 10 years before seeking help! During this time, a person “learns” to hear the world at a lower volume level.

We have all been in a dimly lit restaurant for lunch on a sunny day. When you leave the restaurant and walk into the sunlight, it can be overwhelmingly bright. You shade your eyes or search for your sunglasses. This occurs after only a few hours.

A similar sensation occurs when you use hearing aids for the first time. You may have not experienced the “brightness” of normal hearing for years, and can be overwhelmed by the “new hearing” you are experiencing with hearing aids.

This is where the importance of a qualified hearing professional comes into play. By helping you understand the rehabilitation process and helping you set appropriate expectations at different stages of your rehabilitation, your ability to adapt to your new hearing will be a smoother, more enjoyable experience for you.

Aural rehab can make a big difference

Adapting to your new hearing aids is usually not an overnight process. To help you adjust, aural rehabilitation assists patients with hearing loss to become familiar again with the sounds they’ve forgotten and educates them on what to expect in the use of their new hearing aids.

We here at Starkey offer “Ready, Set, Hear!” an online rehabilitation program that is proven to help users adapt to their new hearing aids.

We know that only with patience, effort, and guidance, appropriate expectations can be set and learning to hear again can be a wonderful experience that will change your life!

If you are interested in learning more about aural rehab we encourage you to ask your hearing care provider about this free program and other hearing aid adjustment tips.

Or, if you’re considering hearing aids but haven’t given them a try yet, you can take the first step today and contact a local hearing professional! Click here to find a clinic near you. 

By Starkey Canada