Tech Tip: How to stop and start streaming to Livio AI hearing aids

Our most recent smartphone compatible hearing aids have a great and popular feature that allows you to stream conversations, music, phone calls and other media directly to your hearing aid from your iPhone or Android device.

However, at times you may not want to stream. Say you’re at a restaurant with a friend and you want to pause a streamed conversation with them to answer a waiter’s question or you want to temporarily pause your TV streaming to talk to your family. In these instances, you can easily stop or start audio streaming by simply tapping your ear twice.

That's right: you can efficiently stop and start audio streaming without ever needing to touch your Livio AI hearing aids, search for your phone or open the Thrive Hearing app.

All you need to do is quickly tap most anywhere on your ears. Doing this will trigger the integrated sensors in the hearing aid to activate the pause function on your TV, Remote Microphone + or Mini Remote Microphone wireless accessories until you decide to turn it back on and tap your ear twice again.

Livio AI can do so much more

This is only one part of what Livio AI can do! These hearing aids use integrated sensors, artificial intelligence and healthable technology to provide benefits that no other device available today can. Benefits include: superior sound quality, brain health and fitness tracking, fall detection and alerts, language translations and so much more.

Now, Livio AI has brand new features that were just added earlier this month including enhanced media streaming performance, auto on/off functionality, and reminders.

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By Starkey Canada