Enhance the benefits of hearing aids with new wireless accessories

With all the progress and advancements of today’s hearing aids and all the things they can do - no hearing aid has progressed more than our Livio Al hearing aids; however, they can only do so much on their own.

One tool that will help you extend and enhance the many benefits of our Livio Al hearing aids is our Thrive Hearing app - (click here to learn more).

To make our Livio Al hearing aids even more useful, we’ve engineered and created three new accessories. Our new accessories will allow you to hear your favorite sounds more effortlessly and make your hearing aids more enjoyable.

These accessories connect wirelessly to your Livio Al hearing aids, allowing you to engage with the world around you with very little effort.

TV accessory

Watching television is enjoyable for everyone! However, if you have hearing loss you know that it can present an unenjoyable situation when watching TV, especially with others. Our new universal TV accessory can remedy that situation and make watching TV fun again.

A tiny box is connected to your television and placed beside it - then you can stream the television’s audio directly to your Livio Al hearing aids. The accessory offers superb sound quality, is very easy to use, and is equipped to support both analog and digital input sources.

With this accessory, you can listen to your favorite shows at any volume you need, without having to adjust the main TV volume for others in the room.

Remote Microphone + and Mini Remote Microphone accessory

The Remote Microphone + and Mini Remote Microphone accessories are small, compact, and allow you to stream crisp, clear audio from an array of different sources. Simply clip it on or near the individual you want to hear. Regardless if it’s a companion at dinner or a speaker across the room - it acts as a one way microphone, streaming their voice directly to your ears!

Additionally, Livio Al along with the Remote Microphone + Accessory, is the first hearing aid to feature Amazon Alexa connectivity.

Remote Control accessory

Whether you use your cell phone or just manually adjust, you can now manage your hearing aid with a Remote Control accessory. This new accessory allows you to control memories, volume, mute devices and control many special features easily.

To learn more about these accessories and Livio AI, contact a local hearing professional - call 1-855-970-2990 or click here.

By Starkey Canada