Hearing aid dryers - what they do and how they help

When it comes to the care and maintenance of you hearing aids, following your hearing professional’s advice can reduce the amount of repairs required during the lifespan of your hearing aids. To aid in the prevention of hearing aid malfunction caused by moisture and debris, make sure to store your hearing aids in a safe and dry place overnight.

Most hearing professionals recommend storing your hearing aids in a Dry & Store container. This container is a dehumidifying storage box that provides a safe and inexpensive nighttime storage option for your hearing aids when not in use. The container is designed to remove moisture from hearing aids.

There are quite a few types of dehumidifying containers to choose from. Among these types, there are electric and non-electric types. The non-electric types use a gel or desiccant to absorb moisture. Ask your hearing professional which option may be right for you and your hearing aid style.

Our hearing aid dehumidifying systems, known as Dry Aid Kits, can be purchased from your hearing professional. With our latest rechargeable hearing aid technology, a desiccant puck is included in the all-in-one charging case to automatically remove moisture from your hearing aids as they’re charging.

Once you’ve chosen the best style for you, be sure to keep your box in a convenient place which will also remind you to put your hearing aids in while not in use.

Before placing your hearing aids in the dryer, don’t forget to remove any visible wax or debris. While storing your hearing aids inside the box, leave the battery doors open to circulate air through your hearing aid, allowing any trapped moisture to escape. Additionally, leaving the battery doors on your hearing aids open while not in use will prolong the life of your batteries.

To get a hearing aid dehumidifier, contact your local hearing professional. If you don't have one, we can help you find someone in your area - call 1-855-970-2990 or click here.

By Starkey Canada