Good ear health - what you should and shouldn’t do

Your ears are important. They need to be cared for much like your eyes or teeth. To help you help your ears remain healthy for as long as possible, follow these 10 suggestions of what to do and not to do:


  1. Have your hearing and your ears examined on a regular basis.
  2. Visit a healthcare professional to have excessive ear wax removed.
  3. Use protective hearing equipment (earplugs, earphones, ear muffs) to protect your hearing around loud sounds and noises.
  4. Make sure your ears are dried properly after showering and swimming.
  5. Try to stay physically active. This will help maintain heart and circulatory system health, which will assist in keeping your ears healthy.


  1. Do not stick cotton swabs into your ear canal.
  2. Do not listen to your headphones/earbuds too loudly.
  3. Do not ignore pain and/or drainage from your ear(s). See a doctor ASAP.
  4. Do not smoke. Studies have shown that smoking can affect hearing by damaging the circulatory system.
  5. Do not ignore any type of hearing loss. Hearing loss not only affects elderly people. Earbuds, earphones and more continue to increase the danger of hearing loss in younger individuals.

For more hearing health tips, reach out to a local hearing care provider. If you don’t have one, we can help you find a clinic in your area. Simply call 1-855-970-2990 or click here.


By Starkey Canada