12 important questions to ask when buying hearing aids

Choosing your first hearing aid doesn’t have to be intimidating, but everyone who experiences it can feel a bit overwhelmed - but that’s okay! We want to try to make this experience easier for you by offering some suggestions for important questions you should ask. You’ll be faced with different options, brands, styles and more. However, the hearing professional you visit not only can diagnose and treat your hearing loss, but they can also help guide you through choosing the exact hearing aid that fits your needs and wants.

During your hearing consultation, consider asking some questions about your new hearing aids - here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Do the hearing aids really improve my hearing ability?
  2. Should I wear two hearing aids if I have hearing loss in only one ear?
  3. Which particular hearing is the best for my type of hearing loss?
  4. Considering my lifestyle needs, which digital features are available?
  5. How do the features benefit me? Such as automatic volume, directional microphones, number of microphones and more.
  6. Do I have the vision, ability, and manual dexterity to operate all of the programs on my own? (Can I work all the programs myself?)
  7. Explain hearing aid channels to me. How many do most hearing aids have and how many do I need?
  8. Do these hearing aids I’m looking at offer directional or multiple microphones for hearing in noisy situations or areas?
  9. How many different listening situations will I encounter? How many memories do hearing aids have? How many should I have?
  10. Do any of these hearing aids come with a remote control? Will I need a remote control?
  11. How do I use the hearing aids with telephones and other assistive listening devices?
  12. Will you show me how to care for my hearing aids?

If there are any other questions you think of along the way, add them to this list. Then, you can bring your list of questions with you when attending your appointment so you don’t forget to ask the important questions.

Are you ready to take that first step towards better hearing? Book an appointment with a local hearing professional today! We can help you find one nearby - simply call (888) 919-6824 or click here.

By Starkey Canada