Our best hearing aid just got better, again

Since they were introduced to the public two years ago, our cutting edge Livio AI hearing aids have been the most talked about hearing aid in the industry. The Livio Al hearing aids are the first to feature 3D sensors as well as artificial intelligence (AI). This hearing aid altered the perceptions of how amazing hearing aids could work and sound. It also forever changed the future of hearing aid abilities (abilities like detecting falls and tracking your steps, just to name a few). 

Livio Edge AI - tailored for today's world

Still on the leading edge of hearing technology, our newest Livio update solidifies our position. The specific features and styles were intentionally tailored for the world of today.

Sporting the name "Livio Edge AI" the sound quality of this hearing aid actually allows you to hear better the people who are social distancing six feet away and improves the way you hear people who are wearing protective masks.

Additionally, we’ve solved the problem of hearing aids getting tangled with or being pulled off when wearing or removing a mask. We’ve solved this issue with the introduction of the first and only 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids.

Edge Mode - just a tap away from better hearing

Your hearing aid, regardless of the quality and regardless of the precise programming, will at some time experience certain situations in which the acoustic environment is challenging and unpredictable. However, with the Livio Edge AI, a simple tap is all it takes to enhance your listening experience.

This is all possible because a simple tap triggers the AI within the hearing aid that immediately makes acoustic changes to improve your hearing. This truly one-of-a-kind processing of sound is only available with Livio Edge AI hearing aid.

Livio Edge AI hearing aids allow you to:

  • Comfortably hear more speech, especially in loud and busy areas, while suppressing unwanted noise.
  • More easily hear and understand people who are wearing face masks by boosting speech sounds.
  • Easily stay in touch with friends, relatives, news and information by providing effortless connection ability.

The Thrive App provides life changing features

In addition to the other fantastic changes, we have also updated our popular Thrive Hearing Control App, providing even more of an instinctual ease of use.

You have full control of your Livio Edge AI hearing aid with the Thrive App and your smartphone. Similar to a television remote control, you’re able to adjust volume, switch memories, and manage an array of other features that weren’t available in hearing aids - until now!

Healthable features access allows you to access brain and body activity tracking, like steps, movement and more. Fall detection and alerts can also be monitored for safety. Your life can simply be made safer and easier - especially with the Intelligent Assistant features that enable you to use voice commands, set reminders, transcribe conversations, translate languages, and much more.

Part of this brand new update is the ‘Find My Phone’ feature. This option helps you find a misplaced or lost phone by simply speaking into your hearing aid, prompting the phone to ring!

The one and only hearing app for caregivers - Thrive Care

And last, but definitely not least, our Thrive Care App allows users to share data such as social engagement, hearing aid usage and physical activity. This information can be shared with pre-selected people like caregivers, family members or anyone you wish.

Exclusive to Livio Edge AI hearing aids, it provides peace of mind to those you choose to share information with, while helping you feel confident and independent. Even better? You get to decide the information you want to share.

Give Livio Edge AI a try today

Give a Livio AI Edge a try yourself! It’s simple. Simply click here and we’ll assist you with scheduling an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional near you.


By Starkey Canada